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Our brand values


We're all about being genuine and friendly with each other. None of that fancy "marketing talk" here. We're all about simple, straightforward solutions without all the red tape. We don't put on airs; we're always completely transparent, easy to approach, and just being ourselves. Building a trusting, empathetic relationship where we're equals is key for us.


We're confident in our abilities and take pride in our work. Ensuring our customers can count on us and understand exactly what they're getting with Mindplay is paramount. While we're certainly knowledgeable, we're not just tech geeks—we can explain things to our customers in plain language, beyond all the marketing jargon. No matter how challenging the issue, we trust in our expertise to find a solution.


We're not afraid to step outside our comfort zone and explore unconventional ideas. Creativity and fresh perspectives drive us—we embody the Mindplay spirit. We're always eager to entertain wild suggestions and take risks, trying things internally that push our boundaries. Sure, sometimes we stumble, but that's all part of our culture of embracing mistakes and turning them into learning experiences.


We're constantly evolving. In the fast-paced digital landscape, new trends emerge all the time, requiring an equally dynamic way of working. That's why we never stop learning and value agility and flexibility, so that we can dynamically tackle fresh challenges head-on. We don't stick to outdated marketing methods; instead, we approach campaign concepts from various perspectives until we've crafted something truly effective.

Step by step

Our cooperation

We'll get your online marketing firing on all cylinders—swiftly, seamlessly, and with crystal-clear clarity. Whether it's dominating Google rankings, crafting captivating Instagram campaigns, or building a standout website, we prioritize open, transparent communication about what's achievable and deliver on our promises promptly and dependably. We walk this journey with you, exploring, experimenting, and collaborating as equals. Accessibility, genuine trust, and a positive vibe are just as crucial to us as delivering top-notch results.

contact & proposal

You provide us with an initial overview, outlining the key requirements and scope of the project. From there, we'll evaluate and provide you with a cost estimate tailored to your needs.

Lean back - we take over

Once you've accepted our offer, we're geared up and ready to dive in, fueled by high motivation. We'll swiftly embark on crafting the initial drafts and develop your desired product, engaging in close consultation with you every step of the way.

Showtime - Ready to launch

Once everything has been developed, optimized, thoroughly tested, and given the green light by you, it's time to launch your project—let the celebrations begin with a toast of champagne!

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